How to make a simple wireless device

May 17, 2021
Wireless device
Every day that goes by, technology advances in most countries, so that mechanisms are manufactured that move themselves, and other mechanisms are controlled by people, and many more. In the middle of the twentieth century, technology reached a revolution in the world of communications, which is wireless devices. A wireless device is to transmit short or long waves, and transmit them from one place to another without using wires such as mobile phones.

Wireless device history
The first wireless devices were invented in a simple way consisting of receivers and transmitters in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, but this method was always subject to unintended interference and penetration, and then fast radio waves were discovered by the inventor Guglimo Marconi using electric charges that in turn produce energy After exposure to a magnetic field, it produces short radio waves.

The first pure transmission without penetration was accomplished in the year one thousand nine hundred and six AD, and in the seventies of the twentieth century wireless devices were invented, the first generation of phones in the United States of America, and in the nineties Japan developed the idea and established the first wireless network for phones in the year one thousand nine hundred and one Ninety.

Wireless device uses
security sector.
Governmental institutions.
large hospitals.

Working principle of the wireless device
All wireless devices in the past were based on one principle, which is to send frequencies and short waves to another receiver device. Locally, and then satellites were made instead of towers, which in turn do the same principle of work as the tower, but with a very long range and speed.

Wireless components
Sensors: They are wave sensors, so that the waves are converted and scanned by wave oscillations, whether they are long or short, and limit the strength of the magnetic pressure sent on the receivers, so as not to interfere with communication in all its forms, whether by transmitting radio waves or waves long magnetic.
Receivers: They are the devices responsible for receiving frequencies and waves of all kinds.
Transmitters: They are the devices that regulate the waves responsible for sending them to receivers.
Antenna: It is a copper rod that attracts the transmitted waves.

How to make a simple wireless device
A simple wireless device is made by:
Use a copper rod, and attach it to the sensor, i.e. the sensor.
Attach it to the receiver, which is a magnet, then attach it to the transmitter, which is the microphone.
Connect all the pieces together using a single copper wire and connect it to a small volt battery and put a small magnet on it to convert electricity into magnetic energy that produces waves.

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