Hire Specialized Answering Service in United States for Small and Medium Business

Aug 9, 2021
Kolaxo CCS is an Answering Service helping small business to increase standard of customer interaction with business. We are taking the responsibility to communicate with your customers and improve their experience. By opting better customer relationship management your business is in better position to increase loyal customers’ base and get more sales. We have modern telephone set for each employee. These are the latest phones with distinct features to hold customer, divert call, and attend multiple calls at a time. Considering these phone sets the basic feature of our business, we have invested huge amount of money to install the modern IP phone to ensure fast dialing and better quality of voice to every customer. Our employees have tremendous flexibility skills. They can bend according to situation and they are accommodating your business in term of timing and extra tasks. Yet their flexibility becomes not just satisfactory to your customers but it is also beneficial for the business. Our services are formulated in a way the it boost the productivity. With energetic, competent, and professional staff opted as a business extension the productivity of each employee increases. This service uplift the motivation of your in-house workers and encourage them to be more productive and creative.