Programming Sections Series (2) | Artificial Intelligence (AI) programming

  • · Python has a rich and extensive variety of library and tools.
    • · Developers accustomed to using Python face difficulty in adjusting to completely different syntax when they try using other languages for AI programming.
      • · Good for finding solutions for complex AI problems.
        • · It is easy to implement on different platforms because of Virtual Machine Technology.
          • · Java is, however, slower than C++, it has less speed in execution and more response time.
          • · Though highly portable, on older platforms, java would require dramatic changes on software and hardware to facilitate.
          • · Java is also a generally immature programming AI language as there are still some developments ongoing such as JDK 1.1 in beta version.

        • Powerful Examples of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in use today:
          What are today called AI systems are simply an advanced machine learning software with extensive behavioral algorithms that adapt to what we like and dislike.

          1) Siri:
          Everyone is familiar with Apple’s personal assistant, Siri. It’s the friendly voice-activated computer that we interact with on a daily basis. It helps us find information, gives us directions, add events to our calendars, helps us send messages and so on. Siri is a semi-intelligent digital personal assistant. It uses machine-learning technology to get smarter and better able to predict and understand our natural-language questions and requests.

          2) Alexa:
          When Amazon first introduced Alexa, it took much of the world by storm. However, it’s usefulness and its uncanny ability to decipher speech from anywhere in the room has made it a revolutionary product that can help us scour the web for information, shop, schedule appointments, set alarms and a million other things, but also help power smart homes and be a conduit for those that might have limited mobility.

          2) Tesla:
          If you don’t own a Tesla, you have no idea what you’re missing. This is quite possibly one of the best cars ever made. Not only for the fact that it’s received so many accolades, but because of its predictive capabilities, self-driving features and sheer technological coolness.” Anyone that’s into technology and cars needs to own a Tesla, and these vehicles are only getting smarter and smarter thanks to their over-the-air (OTA) updates.
Dec 7, 2021
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