What Is Graphic Design? How Is It Useful?

Many may wonder about what graphic design is and the importance of creating a unique graphic design, it is worth noting that graphic design is a profession for some people and a service for others, and in this article we will give you a general idea of graphic design that will benefit you greatly, whether you want to practice graphic design as a profession or you want to get a professional graphic design service.

There is no doubt that graphic design has become an essential thing in our lives, we use and depend on it constantly in our daily lives. Look around you! You will definitely find graphic design everywhere you catch your eye, on the streets, on TV, in newspapers, in magazines, on clothes, on website pages, even on mobile phones and on all manufactured products, and the list is more than that, graphic design is a focused service Indispensable in any field.

Graphic Design Definition:
Graphic design is the creative art that combines planning and drawing to produce a final product that expresses a specific idea or message in a visual way.

In the past, pens, brushes and colors were used to create a graphic design that expresses an idea or message intended by the designer at the request of the customer, such as designing a logo for a commercial entity, designing a flag, designing a coin, or anything else.

Now, there are many modern tools that depend on it in the formation of graphic design, and most of them have become digital tools such as the computer, mouse, keyboard, drawing board and design programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator, and reliance on paper and pen has become very limited, as they are used in planning and identifying ideas only and not To produce an integrated graphic design.

The Most Important Types Of Graphic Design:
Technological development has greatly contributed to the development of the art of graphic design, as the use of graphic design is no longer limited to the design of logos, flags, coins and wall decoration, but the uses of graphic design have multiplied to include all areas of life, which helped in the multiplicity of types of graphic design and the emergence of new types that serve more fields, the most important of which are:

1- Branding
The design of the business identity is one of the most important elements of basic marketing for any entity or business, which depends mainly on graphic design, as it is worked on by a group of professional graphic designers, after identifying the marketing orientation of the company, and reviewing the marketing studies of the business, which include Familiar with the position of competitors and customers.

During the design of the commercial identity, graphic designers create a graphic design for everything related to the company’s activity and identity, such as the design of the brand, logo, prints, papers and even the company’s uniform and advertising designs, of course, taking into account the unified colors approved for the commercial identity in the design of all components of the identity.

2- Marketing Graphic Design
This type of graphic design is the most popular and most widely used type, and during the reliance on the marketing graphic design there is cooperation between the marketing team of the business and the graphic design team in order to determine and approve the marketing orientation of the business, and accordingly the team of designers begins to implement the advertising materials that serve the campaign with all its elements.

Before starting the marketing graphic design process, designers should be familiar with all the company’s marketing data and plans. There is no doubt that graphic designs are the visual image of the company’s direction and ideas, and based on the company’s ideas and marketing plan, graphic designers make professional graphic design for all marketing elements, which are:

• Magazine and newspaper ads.

• Brochures (printed and digital).

• Postcards and flyers.

• Display screens and commercial signs.

• Email Marketing Templates.

• Lists, files and notebooks.

• Marketing infographic designs.

• Pictures for websites and blogs.

• PowerPoint presentations.

• Social media ads, banners and graphics.

• Banner and retargeting ads.

3- Packaging Designs
Although packaging designs are considered one of the important marketing elements for products, they are also considered a form of intellectual protection for the product, as packaging designs express the identity of the product, the identity of the producing company, the purpose of producing the product and what it is used for.

It is worth noting the need for designers based on creating a distinctive graphic design for packaging and packaging to familiarize themselves with basic principles of design, which are package sizes, product data, illustrations, and the commercial identity of the product and facility.

4- UI & UX Design
It is not possible at the present time to create a digital system, program or electronic application without working on creating a distinctive graphic design for its interface. The software interface is divided into two types of specializations, namely:

• UI Design
This specialization depends on designing the form of the program interface, which the user should interact with easily, through which the user obtains the desired purpose of using the program.

• UX Design
Designers in that specialization depend on the designer’s experience with the desires of software users, as sites, programs or applications are designed based on the use that the user wants to obtain, and makes him interact easily with all components of the program, and get a smooth and enjoyable use experience.

5- Graphic Design
Graphic design is the least used type, but it is the most creative type, as graphic design depends on great experience in creative drawing, and graphic designers use original artwork and illustrations in this type of graphic design to illustrate an idea or group of ideas connected directly or indirectly.

And because graphic design is considered the most creative, it takes longer to complete a professional graphic embedding, and its cost is also greater than the cost of other graphic designs, and among the most important uses of graphic design:

• T-shirt and textile design.

• Animation.

• Graphic novels.

• Electronic games.

• Websites.

• The art of caricature.

• Book covers.

• Books and comics.

• Person drawings.

Graphic Design Software And Tools:
Graphic designers rely on a set of programs and tools that help them to be creative in the graphic design process, and it is worth noting the multiplicity of these programs and their multiplicity of functions, as graphic designers rely on each of them to create or design a specific type of designs, and sometimes graphic designers need to work on All of these programs take turns to achieve one design, and the most important graphic design software:

• Adobe Photoshop

• Adobe Illustrator

• Adobe InDesign

• Canva

• Affinity Designer


Graphic design also depends on a set of tools that facilitate the work of the designer, and greatly help him to be creative, and the most important of those tools are:

• Fonts

• Brushes

• Recorded actions

• Graphic Styles

• Fixtures

• Graphic Packs

• Effects

• Patterns

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